Customer satisfaction

Delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction is central to Medilink’s business approach.

As part of our ISO9001 accredited quality assurance procedures, we regularly assess client and candidate satisfaction and the performance of the medical staff we supply.  Our Candidate Assessment Form is sent to each client with the booking confirmation as a proactive indicator of the importance we attach to understanding how our clients rate our candidates.  Depending on the length of the assignment booked, we ask the Supervisor to complete the form during or at the end of the engagement to assess the candidate’s skills, attitude and performance.

We also call our locums after each shift to discuss all aspects of their work at that Trust, including the location, environment, travel/logistics and interaction with other staff members.  With feedback from both parties to the engagement, we can match our candidates’ experiences with the client’s view of their performance. 

This helps us make sure we are providing the right candidates for each client and identify any improvement opportunities either for the candidate or for our services.  All information from the assessments and client reviews is recorded on our Customer Relationship Management system, so when that client requests future bookings we can identify candidates best suited to working with that client, particularly those who have proved themselves in that environment. 

We also carry out quarterly evaluations of every supply contract and request feedback from each hospital about our performance as a supplier.  From the number of clients who happily provide testimonials and references for us, we are confident that we have a very strong record on customer satisfaction.